The Healthy Life Extension Society

I don't think I've pointed out the Healthy Life Extension Society, or Heales before; it's a group based in Belgium, and so you'll find more French and Dutch content than English material at the Society's website. For the rest of us English-speaking monolinguists, there's always Google Translate: "Each day 100,000 people die due to the effects of old age. Aging is responsible for 90% of deaths in the richest countries and two-thirds of deaths in the world. It doesn't just cause innumerable deaths, it is also the source of horrible suffering - Alzheimer's Disease, muscular atrophy, damage to vision and hearing, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis ... The only way to prevent these illnesses linked to aging is to attack the root cause – that is aging itself. It is time to start working towards solutions to this universal human tragedy. Heales raises awareness of new developments in the area of biogerontolgy (the science of aging). We promote and support anti-aging research." As I noted in the latest Longevity Meme newsletter, Heales is holding a fundraising music festival for LysoSENS research next month.



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