An Interview With Meredith Averill and Paul McGlothin

h+ Magazine interviews calorie restriction (CR) practitioners Meredith Averill and Paul McGlothin, noted for their work to spur the scientific community into greater human studies of CR: "McGlothin says he 'had the good fortune' to come into contact with one of the country's leading internist, who is a calorie restrictor. It was through this physician that McGlothin and Averill both became smitten with CR practice and science and surrounded themselves with a team of doctors in an attempt to sort out fact from fiction in the practice. They also initiated the first CR study of humans, accomplished with MetaMetrix Clinical Laboratory in 2001. Subsequently, they formed a partnership with Drs. Luigi Fontana and John Holloszy at the Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine. ... His work in testing CR results led to his being named Research VP of the CR Society, where he works with scientists to plan studies. ... We want everything we do to be backed by solid scientific research and testing. That is why we helped set up the first longitudinal study of calorie-restricted humans. Now, for the past seven years, we and a cohort of other calorie-restricted humans have been thoroughly tested by teams of scientists headed by Drs. Luigi Fontana and John Holloszy at the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis."



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