On Engineered Longevity and Critical Thinking

Thoughts from Anne C.: "however you do it, the important thing is to get your brain geared up to more accurately assess reality, and the claims people make about it. See, there are plenty of hucksters out there who would probably be more than willing to sell you their Super-Longevity Bio-Kit or some other quackish nostrum. And despite not being a biologist myself, I think I'm at least informed enough on the subject of biogerontology to be able to tell you that anyone who claims to have the 'path to immortality' is either deluded or lying. Hence, taking people who make such claims seriously is likely to be a waste of time for everyone involved, and obviously over time this kind of thing is likely to lead to less actual useful real-world work [on engineered longevity] being done. ... Here in the real world, the best any of us can do if we want longer, healthier lives for our loved ones and ourselves is contribute toward actual real-world things that promote health, life, and solid research. And in order to figure out what projects are valid and worth supporting, or worth proposing and starting ourselves, critical thinking is utterly essential."

Link: http://www.existenceiswonderful.com/2009/09/on-longevity-reality-and-critical.html


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