The Thiel Foundation

The Thiel Foundation is the public face of investor Peter Thiel, noteworthy for his funding of SENS Foundation research. "Freedom is always under siege. Around the world, authoritarian regimes deprive millions of people of basic economic and social rights. Even elected governments can burden their citizens with labyrinthine bureaucracies and complex, unnecessary laws. And while some regimes are obviously worse than others, they all have apologists who obscure these conditions by twisting the relationship between freedom and human fulfillment. The Thiel Foundation defends and promotes freedom in all its dimensions: political, personal, and economic. How do we do this?
(a) By supporting innovative scientific research and new technologies that empower people to improve their lives. (b) By championing organizations and individuals who expose human rights abuses and authoritarianism in all its guises. (c) By encouraging the exploration of new ideas and new spaces where people can be less reliant on government and where freedom can flourish." The goal of freedom taken to its logical ends means not just freedom from human-engineered oppression, but also freedom from the limitations, suffering, and cruelties inherent in the human condition and human biology - such as degenerative aging.


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