Who Wants to Live Forever?

From Vision: "That our allotted time on this earth is somewhat fleeting has surely not escaped us, especially as we move farther down our life path. ... In recent years, however, a building revolution in the science of gerontology has heralded the possibility of life extension. This is leading some to speculate about just what the limits to human life might be; adding another decade or two or even centuries might be possible. ... As our knowledge of the biochemistry of aging increases exponentially, it is no surprise that around the globe scientists are discovering hopeful paths that will provide ways to increase human longevity. Meanwhile, biotechnology companies are seeking to bring new products to market - drugs, cells, tissues, and procedures - which they, too, hope will go some way toward extending life as well as bring a profit. ... Is death therefore in terminal decline? While the commercial and media hype concerning such a possibility has dismayed some mainstream scientists, others such as Aubrey de Grey have spearheaded efforts to, as he puts it, 'cure the disease of aging.' The [SENS Foundation] chairman and biogerontology researcher is not only chasing the dream of immortality; he expects to catch it."

Link: http://www.vision.org/visionmedia/article.aspx?id=18195


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