On Investment in the Longevity Trend

That investment advisors are discussing the prospects for engineered longevity at all is more of an indicator than what they actually say. Nonetheless, these are words of wisdom: "I was at dinner with some friends and the conversation turned to the topic of undiscovered investment opportunities. One of my nominations for undiscovered investment theme was life extension technology. ... The natural winner in life extension is the biotechnology industry. But not so fast! The real winners may not be available for investment. Here is a case in point. Back in 1979-80, I correctly identified the microcomputer (they were called microcomputers back then as IBM didn't introduce the PC until August 1981), would be the growth industry of the future. I told anyone who listened that the microcomputer would be as common as the office photocopier in five years. I was wrong, it was more common than the photocopier as there were multiple PCs in most offices. Who were the major publicly listed players in the microcomputer then? They were Commodore, Tandy (Radio Shack) and Atari, which was a division of Warner Communications. Apple hadn't gone public yet and hadn't gotten into the business at the time. Microsoft was just a small private concern. This story shows that it is possible to identify a long-term trend, but the winners may not be available to the ordinary investor for quite some time."

Link: http://humblestudentofthemarkets.blogspot.com/2009/11/price-of-cheating-death.html


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