Immortality Institute December Newsletter

From the Immortality Institute: "During this year-end holiday season I would like to take time to thank those who give. Despite all the trends and discussion pointing toward an open-source shared future and ubiquitous cheap resources derived from nanotechnology, in 2009 we still live in a world where 'money talks'. It is a necessary component of any organization including the Immortality Institute. During 2009, the Institute has spent nearly $30,000 cryopreserving a lifetime member, supporting anti-aging research, and providing student scholarships among other things. A significant part of the Imminst revenue stream is member donations. Even in this time of economic turmoil, hundreds of generous people have donated to support Institute operations and initiatives. With your continued support, the Institute can aim higher and accomplish more in coming years. So I extend heartfelt gratitude to all those who give time and money to help end the suffering of aging and the prevalence of death."



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