More Cryonics UK Press Coverage

At the Cryonics UK website, you'll find a couple of interview videos and another article of press coverage: "Cryonics UK is a non-profit organisation set in place to provide assistance as necessary to those within the UK who wish for their body to be cryopreserved upon 'death'. The inverted commas around the word 'death' here are intentional. ... Science is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is considered
'dead'. Cryonics simply pushes that boundary a little further. By suspending a (legally dead) patient's body in liquid nitrogen, it is possible to prevent further deterioration of the body indefinitely. For obvious reasons, the initial cooldown is to be commenced as soon as possible after the patient is pronounced dead." You'll also find a response to a recent Guardian article that boasted a range of factual errors: "the whole thing is now irrelevant, as [the journalist] spent time with us sufficiently long ago that we've [since] moved to a different location, have a specialised clinic room for our kit and activities, [and are far more effectively organized]."



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