Multipotent Stem Cells in Skin

Multipotent stem cells can be found in the skin, potentially a low-cost source for the development of therapies: "Scientists have discovered a new type of stem cell in the skin that acts surprisingly like certain stem cells found in embryos: both can generate fat, bone, cartilage, and even nerve cells. These newly-described dermal stem cells may one day prove useful for treating neurological disorders and persistent wounds, such as diabetic ulcers ... the cells act like neural crest cells from embryos - stem cells that generate the entire peripheral nervous system and part of the head - in that they could turn into nerves, fat, bone, and cartilage. ... That gave us the idea that these were some kind of embryonic-like precursor cell that migrated into the skin of the embryo. But instead of disappearing as the embryo develops, the cells survive into adulthood. ... Stem cell researchers like to talk about building organs in a dish. You can imagine, if you have all the right players - dermal stem cells and epidermal stem cells - working together, you could do that with skin in a very real way."



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