News From the Methuselah Foundation

The latest Methuselah Foundation newsletter is now available online. If you haven't been keeping up, you should dive into the archive over there and read the last couple of months of newsletters. The contents well illustrate the current focus and direction of the Foundation:

It's time to celebrate! It has been a great year at Methuselah and a great year for advances in aging research. Television, newspapers and websites have covered stories on calorie restriction, resveratrol and rapamycin. Leading biologists working in longevity research are finally grabbing the attention of other scientists (this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine is a very real example of this), the media and the general public. Methuselah Foundation is energetically working on new initiatives, connecting with more researchers and predicting some exciting announcements early in 2010.

The Foundation has added a couple of new ways to make modest charitable donations in the past couple of months:

As the end of the year nears, allow us to point out two new ways in which you can support Methuselah Foundation causes without digging out your checkbook. Firstly you can donate your used vehicle through Cars 4 Causes: this is tax deductible and Cars 4 Causes makes the donation a smooth process. Secondly, supporters can now obtain a credit card through Capital One printed with the Methuselah Foundation logo. 1% of every purchase you make using this card is automatically donated to Methuselah Foundation and Capital One will donate $25 after you make your first purchase.

Also worth mentioning is that comparatively few slots remain in the 300, the select group of donors who commit to donate $25,000 over the next 25 years. Most 300 members are folk of modest means who have resolved to give a few dollars a day to help advance the cause of longevity science. The names and messages of the 300 will be inscribed upon a monument built to last for millennia, a fitting tribute to their vision and commitment:

Last Call! Many thanks to our special group of donors, the 300. Responding to the Methuselah Foundation challenge to contribute $85 a month for 25 years, this farsighted group has made the progress you read about in this newsletter possible. There are a few remaining slots left, join now and your donation will go to work immediately funding innovative technology that will change science forever. As a 300 member you will receive advance notice of news and events, have the opportunity to participate in exclusive webinars, receive a monthly email from Dave Gobel and have the satisfaction of knowing your gift will result in extended healthy life for yourself, your family and all humanity.

You should read Michael Rae's article on why he joined the 300 - it is a fine argument for stepping up to the plate and doing something in support of engineered longevity and the defeat of aging.


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