Present Activities at the Methuselah Foundation

From the Methuselah Foundation Blog: "As the decade draws to a close, I'm looking ahead to the next one. And the next. I am optimistic that my chance of living a long, healthy life get better every day. I see the possibility of adding happy, healthy, productive years to my life and yours. No cancer, no Alzheimer's and a heart that keeps on beating. Wouldn't we all want an extra decade to spend with your family, to accomplish our goals and to enjoy life. Methuselah Foundation is working on it! We have three initiatives underway right now as we wrap up the decade and begin a new one. ... In 2009 we awarded a special Mprize for a study that showed unequivocally that mice lived longer when they took the drug rapamycin. We believe in the power of prizes. We created the Mprize to encourage, incentivize and reward world-class scientists to solve the problem of aging. The prize also attracts new funding, brains, approaches and publicity to the mission of extending healthy life. What we are seeking - and expect to find - is not just a longer life for you, but a long, healthy, vibrant and productive life. 80, 90, 100 and even more healthy years. Cancer and Alzheimer's free. It's a tall order but one we are fully committed to."



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