The Campaign Against Aging

The Campaign Against Aging is a new grassroots advocacy initiative for longevity science of the SENS variety, announced a few days ago. I'm always pleased to see folk motivated and rising to the challenge: "Aging kills 100,000 out of the 150,000 people that die each day worldwide and inflicts an enormous amount of suffering. No other problem facing humanity can equal this tragedy. ... Aging is caused by the accumulation of damage in the human body that leads to age-related disease and eventually death. Medical therapies designed to remove this damage could restore the body to a youthful state. ... While most organizations focus on slowing down the aging process, more daring organizations seek to develop therapies that could reverse aging itself. Unfortunately, progress against aging has been slow due to lack of funding." The more groups that work to spread this message and raise funds for research, the better. Diversity is one of the keys to success in any endeavor - a greater variety in methods means a larger chance of at least one attempt succeeding.



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