Transcripts From the 2009 Humanity+ Summit

The 2009 Humanity+ Summit was held this past weekend, and included a number of presentations on longevity science and transhumanist aspirations towards radical life extension. Bryan Bishop was kind enough to post transcripts, typed up in real time while he was there; those relating to engineered longevity are linked below:

Aubrey de Grey

Greg Fahy

Christine Peterson

Gregory Benford

Here is a line from de Grey's presentation:

We need to think properly about what aging is. Not just correctly. In an appropriate way that is conducive to a way about postponing to it.

Strategy matters greatly, in other words. The foundational point of de Grey's approach to aging is not so much the science, but the deliberate choice of goals and strategy that then leads to that science. If you want to save as many lives as possible as soon as possible, then you inexorably end up advocating a damage repair approach like de Grey's SENS.


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