A Discussion on Cryonics With Ben Best

At It's Rainmaking Time, you'll find an audio interview with Ben Best on the topic of cryonics: "Many of us would choose to live another 100 years or more, if we only knew how. Enter cryonics: an exciting, fascinating, and highly misunderstood scientific field. We have invited Ben Best, the president of The Cryonics Institute, to help us understand cryonics, where the paradigm is gaining traction, and the logistics involved. Join us for an illuminating discussion." Best, like many of the movers and shakers in the pro-longevity community, is a writer. You should take the time to look through the work at his personal website, especially the essays on cryonics and engineered longevity. For example, the Mechanisms of Aging essay is a fairly detailed overview is what is presently known and debated in the scientific community, whilst Why Life Extension? examines the motivations of those who want to live longer in good health and those who claim not to.

Link: http://itsrainmakingtime.com/2010/cryonics/

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