Another Approach to Building Blood Vessels

From Singularity Hub: "Researchers [are] hoping to save limbs and lives with the creation of their new artificial artery. Unlike current artery replacements, this grafting substance was created using nanotechnology and can pulse with the natural movements of the body. That pulsing will allow the polymer tube to be used in very small grafts, giving hope that damaged arteries which would normally lead to amputations or heart attacks can now be treated. ... The new artificial artery material [is] a polymer which has been embedded with different types of special molecules. Some of these molecules aid circulation, others encourage stem cells to coat its walls. That coating is very important and may allow the artificial tissue to bond better with the body and promote long term health. Most importantly though, the design of the artificial vascular tissue is resistant to clotting and can pulse." As researchers become more proficient in engineering nanoscale-featured scaffold material to support tissue regrowth, we will see more varied applications of the technology, like this one.


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