Immortality Institute January 2010 Newsletter

The latest from the Immortality Institute, with updates on present projects after the introduction: "2010 has arrived and it is time to take stock of Imminst's position in the world of life extension. Thanks to generous member donations and an active website, Imminst grew its registration base and financial assets in 2009. This was accomplished during a poor economy and after spending large sums on two matching grants and student scholarships. We now have more funds and potentially more manpower to accomplish greater goals in 2010. The key to greater success will be transforming the activity of the forums into action in the real world. Contained within the daily discussions of life extension news and philosophy are a world of valuable ideas and actionable initiatives. I encourage everyone to formulate the many ideas into plans of action, post them in the Action Forum for evaluation, and then contribute some time to see the best ones through to success. A few minutes a week is all it takes to turn a good idea into a successful promotion, outreach effort, or fundraiser. Also, keep your eye out for more online charity contests in 2010. Facebook and other social networking platforms have proven to be great tools to promote charitable giving. Suddenly, just one click of the mouse can lead to serious grant money for Imminst and other like-minded organizations. Keep an eye out for periodic forum messages and emails containing information and instructions for competing in these contests. Let us make a bigger impact in 2010!"


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