A Campaign Against Aging Update

From the Campaign Against Aging website: "Pictures have just been uploaded of Doug distributing flyers to students at a college campus. ... I had a great time distributing these flyers. I would say 70% or more of the reactions I got were positive. Under 10% of people did not take a flyer, and about 20% responded negatively. I used a few different slogans while distributing the flyers. For the most past I used 'Death sucks. We should stop it.', followed by 'Dying is bad. We shouldn't do it.', and least frequently 'Getting old sucks. We should do something about it.' I got the highest proportion of positive reactions in the same order (which is why I used 'death sucks' most frequently). I distributed about 200-300 flyers total today. ... I talked to several people and groups at length about what is involved in fighting aging. I explained that aging is not a magical process and that we do not have a clock inside our body that makes us get older. Aging is just a building up of damage over time inside our cells, and that damage can be reversed. I explained briefly a few of the different kinds of age related damage, including lipofuscin accumulation and protein cross linking."

Link: http://www.campaignagainstaging.org/campaign/week3and4.php

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