Advice on Relatives and Cryonics

Via CryoNet, some advice to follow on from the cautionary tale of a few days ago: "There has been some discussion about relatives causing suspensions to not take place as the cryonics member gets older and how we cryonicists can protect ourselves from this happening. Suspension interference happens more then most cryonicists realize. As a retired member of of Alcor management I have seen a lot of it. ... You think your relatives will continue to honor your wishes as you grow old? A lot of them will tall you to your face that they will, but in reality they believe that cryonics is a waste of your time and your money. So they have no moral reservations about causing you to cancel your membership and have the money go to them if and when they get a chance to take over. How can you protect yourself? Make sure that your life insurance policy says that if you don't get suspended for any reason that the proceeds still go to your cryonics organization and not your relatives. So there is no financial incentive for the relatives to cause you to cancel your arrangements. Put a clause in your will that says that if you don't get suspended that all your estate goes to your cryonics company and not your relatives so that there is a financial incentive for your relatives to see that you do get suspended."