An Interview With Roger Holzberg

From the Technological Citizen: "are Kurzweil's visions of immortality even close to being feasible, given the current state and direction of today's technological advancements? When it comes, realistically, to life extension technologies, where do we really stand today? There's perhaps no group of people to better answer this question than the people of Methuselah Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by David Gobel, which supports Aubrey De Grey's SENS research and is dedicated to enabling humans 'to live longer, better and wiser, by defeating age-related disease and suffering.' I had the privilege of speaking to Roger Holzberg, the Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director of Methuselah Foundation, about the core philosophies of the foundation and the promising research they are involved with. I asked Mr. Holzberg, what are the areas of life extension available now, and in our short-term future? What fundamentally drives the foundation towards seeking these life extension solutions? ... treating aging as a 'disease' and not a given in life is one of the principle philosophies of Methuselah Foundation. Towards this end, the foundation takes a very methodical, systematic approach to life extension, working to prevent and manage the diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, and to encourage research into new ways of prolonging life."


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