Cryonics Technological Progress Conference

Via CryoNet, the announcement of a conference to be held in Florida in April: "Cryonics technology is more advanced than even most signed up cryonicists realize. But most people in the scientific community do not realize the progress that has been made. Indeed, most cryonicists do not realize the protocols and technologies that have been developed in the service of making cryonics a true 'evidence based technology.' ... Details of cryonics process from start to finish. Confirmed presenters include Aaron Drake, Alcor Transport Director, Ben Best, Cryonics Institute President, and Catherine Baldwin, General Manager of Suspended Animation, Inc. ... Suspended Animation, Inc. protocols and technology, now available for members of both CI and Alcor. ... A Refresher course for medical professionals and first responders, including the existing Brevard County Medical Team who will be attending. ... Details of Alcor and CI protocols, procedures, and logistics. ... Who is invited: Cryonicists and potential cryonicists of all types, especially skeptics who have been on the sidelines waiting for the technology to mature, and medical specialists."


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