Longevity Research at the Science Network

I notice that the Science Network has published a good selection of video interviews with biogerontologists and other folk involved in aging or longevity research. You'll find them in the Diet, Aging, and Metabolism section of the site.

One of the more interesting interviews is with Paul Glenn, the philanthropist behind both the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and the ongoing establishment of laboratories for longevity science in a number of different research centers. In comparison to researchers, most high net worth folk who fund aging research tend not to speak to the public all that often - which I think is a pity, and also one of the aspects of the funding environment that has to change as we move further into the biotechnology revolution.

You'll also find interviews with Aubrey de Grey, who you should all know well by now, Andrzej Bartke, current holder of the Longevity Mprize for growth hormone receptor knockout mice, and Cynthia Kenyon, who has produced very long-lived nematode worms in the course of her research. There are a range of other interviewees besides; you should take the time to wander through and see what you learn.

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