Methuselah Foundation Newsletter, February 2010

Via the Methuselah Foundation Blog, the latest Foundation newsletter has arrived: "Welcome Doug and Jennifer Bailey, Benjamin Ross Hoffman, Alexey Mitko, Daniel Belov, J.F. Groff, Sigefredo de Carvalho Melo, Alexander Benjamin McLin, Jeremy Keller, Manoj Padki and Manisha Kher, and Capt Herbert Humphreys Jr, to The 300. This exclusive group of donors has responded to the Methuselah Foundation challenge to contribute $85 a month for 25 years. They have made the progress you read about in this newsletter possible. ... Your support continues to make progress in the fight against aging possible. The $3.8 million Mprize Fund is a proof of that. Your donations have made several other advances possible. Dave Gobel, CEO and Founder, is continually on the lookout for other organizations to support as they seek to learn, create and produce products that lead to understanding and increasing longevity. After the jump, read the Methuselah success stories on the Undergraduate Research Initiative, the Supercentenarian Research Foundation, and Halcyon Molecular. ... Methuselah Foundation takes its role as a catalyst very seriously. We will continue to seek out promising work and support worthwhile efforts with your help."


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