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I see that the Campaign for Aging Research has started a blog, populating it with fairly middle of the road posts on aging research. For example, this one on fat and diabetes risk: "It is thought that the increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes as a person ages is related to increasing insulin resistance. In an interesting study comparing insulin sensitivity between different groups of individuals, no difference was identified in insulin sensitivity between old and young athletes, between older and younger normal weight individuals, or between older and younger obese subjects. The athletes demonstrated the highest insulin sensitivity, followed by the normal weight individuals, with obese subjects having the lowest sensitivity to insulin. The authors concluded that aging alone cannot account for insulin resistance, but that the decreased physical activity and obesity that can occur with aging can be responsible for age-related insulin insensitivity. An increasing amount of research has been devoted to studying the relationship between physical activity, obesity and diabetes. It is now generally accepted that the presence of abdominal fat increases the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease."


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