The NetAge Database

The NetAge Project website contains a lot of interesting information, even if the user interface leaves something to be desired: "Hundreds of genes and miRNAs have been identified as being involved in the determination of longevity, aging patterns and in the development of age-related diseases (ARDs). The interplay between these genes as well as the role of miRNAs in the context of protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks has as yet been poorly addressed. This work was undertaken in order to integrate the data accumulated in the field, from a network-based perspective. The results are organized in the NetAge database-an online database and network analysis tools for biogerontological research. ... The NetAge database contains gene sets and miRNA-regulated PPI networks for longevity, ARDs and aging-associated processes, and also common signatures (overlapping networks). The database is available through the NetAge website, which provides the necessary bioinformatics tools for searching and browsing the networks, as well as showing network info and statistics. By making these resources available online, we hope to provide the scientific community with a new, network-oriented platform for biogerontological research, and encourage greater participation in the systems biology of aging."


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