What To Do With Leftover Copies of Ending Aging?

Over at the Immortality Institute forums, researcher John Schloendorn (who worked on LysoSENS and is now one of the driving forces behind Livly) remarks: "I have a bazillion surplus Ending Aging books sitting at my house in Mountain View, CA. If anyone has a creative use for them, I can give them out for the cost of shipping or free if you pick them up." Ending Aging is a great book, and there are some good ideas in that discussion thread as to what to do with Schloendorn's surplus copies, such as handing them out at conferences, or donating them to libraries. If you have a good idea as to what to do with the copies, or would like one yourself, jump on in and have your say.

Link: http://www.imminst.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=38961&hl=

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