Colorful Brochures From the Methuselah Foundation

The Methuselah Foundation volunteers have released a couple of fine-looking PDF format brochures. One outlines the initiatives and mission of the Foundation, while the second introduces the recently announced NewOrgan Prize. They should be put to good use at conventions, for friends, and as handouts - so get to it!


From the first brochure:

Aging is inevitable. Or is it? Alzheimer's, cancer, stroke and heart attack are among the familiar and dreaded results of aging. Knowing - but not wanting to accept - that fate we looked deeper to explore how and why our bodies age. We found that some of our questions had no answers even though scientists believe there is great untapped potential for understanding, reversing and solving the ravages of age. While we dreamed about the possibility of long, healthy lives for ourselves and our children, we realized something had to be done to fully explore the prospects for extending healthy human life.

Methuselah Foundation was founded to do just that. We exist because we believe everyone should enjoy a vibrant and productive life, not just in the early years, but into their 70s, 80s and 90s. Our exploration showed that scientists are interested and eager to understand aging, find solutions and share them. What was lacking were the funds and incentive to make it possible. That is why Methuselah Foundation invests in great scientific research and awards performance based prizes.


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