An Example of Alcor's Work

Accelerating Future notes an example of Alcor's work in cryonics provision. We only tend to hear about the times when unusual obstructions crop up, and so it's worth a reminder that Alcor's staff and volunteers regularly make the difficult organization of a cryosuspension look routine: "This past month, Alcor was faced with three members who were admitted to hospice with end-stage conditions. On back-to-back days, two of our members were cryopreserved while the third member's condition has temporarily improved. Through careful planning, we were able to have two members admitted into the same Hospice of the Valley facility, literally across the hall from each other. This allowed Alcor's Arizona team to carefully monitor both members' conditions simultaneously, 24 hours a day. Having three team members and Alcor's Rescue Vehicle on site, we were able to provide immediate stabilization and cool down procedures and exceptionally quick transfer from time of pronouncement to Alcor's surgery suite in 40 minutes and 32 minutes, respectively. These cases were very important as they tested numerous benchmarks of Alcor's abilities ... The real benefit of all of our preparations, training and planning is to our members, who reportedly received excellent perfusions."


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