Aubrey de Grey at the Lift10 Conference in Geneva

Biomedical gerontologist and engineered longevity advocate Aubrey de Grey is one of the speakers at the Lift10 conference presently taking place in Geneva. You can browse the conference site, watch video of de Grey's presentation at the conference from the channel at Livestream, or take a look at this article from the local press:

Aubrey de Grey declares an end to generations:

"There won’t be generations anymore," says Aubrey de Grey of tomorrow's world where anti-aging treatments will give us at least 30 extra years of life. You’ll be able to keep up with your granddaughter on the ski slopes, he told his host at the Lift 2010 conference in Geneva Thursday 6 May. And for de Grey, the future is close: we can expect to see such treatments within our lifetimes, he believes.


The questions people invariably ask de Gray focus on such mundane matters as where all these extra people will live, how pension plans will pay for them and what they’ll do with their time, but he says the questions are not the right ones. We should balance out these against the problems caused right now by "100,000 people a day getting very sick and staying that way a long time and then dying."

No present aspect of our societies can possibly justify the vast toll of death and suffering caused by aging - not to mention the attendant financial burden, which is gargantuan and beyond easy comprehension. Every change in the social order brought about by incremental lengthening of healthy lives should be welcomed as a sign of progress on the road to the defeat of aging.

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