SENS Foundation is Looking for an Academic Coordinator

If you've ever wanted to work with Aubrey de Grey on advancing the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, here is your chance. The SENS Foundation is looking for someone to fill the position of Academic Coordinator:

SENS Foundation seeks a consultant to act as Academic Coordinator. The Academic Coordinator will be the head of the entire Academic Initiative and be responsible for designing and implementing short, medium, and long term operational strategies which align with the broader aims of SENS Foundation. ... Major projects already in development include the creation of online undergraduate courses in longevity science, development of a comprehensive training program for SENSFAI, continuance and expansion of the scholarship program, formation of a collaboration as a granting entity within a major university system, and implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy to expand and promote the AI.


We are hoping to fill this role immediately. SENS Foundation will provide a support stipend for an approved candidate. To apply, please complete the Academic and Operational Support application form.

The prior coordinator is heading off to work on a cancer immunotherapy startup in the Bay Area. A great many people who volunteered with the Methuselah Foundation and SENS Foundation in past years have gone on to similar work with other organizations. Livly, for example, is another part of that ecosystem, and you'll find a former volunteer highly placed in Genescient. Networking is everything.

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