The Next Research Project for Immortality Institute Funding

The Immortality Institute volunteers are making a go of becoming an organization that regularly raises a modest level of funding for scientific research into engineered longevity. You might recall that the first project funded this way was an investigation into the use of pulsed lasers to destroy lipofuscin. This chemical gunk builds up in long-lived cell populations and contributes to age-related damage and dysfunction by harming the garbage collection functions of the lysosomes in our cells. Safely destroying this lipofuscin in one way or another will assist in restoring these garbage collection functions to a youthful level in the cells of elderly, and so is an important facet of any scientific path to actual rejuvenation.

The Institute is presently soliciting project outlines from interested researchers:

Alongside other initiatives, ImmInst aims to fund one or more research projects this year. Such a project should aim to make an original contribution to the field of life extension science or technology.

Ideal projects will:

  • have the capacity to deliver advances to the state of the art, or to establish a proof of concept in a promising area in life extension science or technology
  • be basic or applied research but basic research should have potential for applied development
  • present short updates for Members with interim data, photos from the facility etc at agreed intervals
  • be led or overseen by a person with a postgraduate qualification in the relevant field or by a person with demonstrable equivalent experience
  • have clearly defined interim milestones
  • have a flexible project structure that can be adjusted according to the amount of money raised
  • be small in scale - one or two key workers
  • be short in duration - 6 months maximum
  • not be confidential. ImmInst will expect open and public presentation and discussion of research results but confidentiality will be accepted where a manuscript is prepared for publication.

ImmInst will be able to support a project with a minimum of $2000 and up to $8000, subject to matching by other donors. ImmInst will launch a call for matching donations and every donation generated in that call will go towards the project budget. A total budget of ~$10,000 is an achievable target, more for projects that capture the imagination of the life extension community.

This is a good step forward for the Institute, I think, and creating a funding organization for longevity science is a worthy goal for any of the present generation of advocates and supporters.


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Posted by: gerald jagla at March 19th, 2013 11:39 AM
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