KrioRus Cryopreserves 12th Patient

Depressed Metabolism notes that Russian cryonics provider KrioRus is forging ahead with its work: "On May 16, 2010 the only non-US cryonics provider KrioRus announced the cryopreservation of its 12th patient. The patient was pronounced legally dead on May 5 in Kiev and cryoprotectant perfusion was completed on May 7 after initial cooldown and ground transport to Moscow. A more extensive report is available here. It is encouraging to see more cryonics activity outside of the United States. The statistics of Alcor, Cryonics Institute and KrioRus indicate that there are currently more than 200 cryonics patients in the world and that more than 1,300 people have made cryonics arrangements. The 2009-1 issue of Cryonics has a two page feature on KrioRus." Every new group starts small. Cryonics is the only present way to gain a chance of evading the destruction of the self: preserving the fine structure of your brain (and thus your mind) at low temperatures in order to reach a future in which advanced medical technology can restore you. Sadly this is still a niche industry - and tens of millions die every year who might have been saved in a kinder world.



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