The Open Letter on Brain Preservation

Every year something on the order of 50 million people die, and the fine structure of the brain that houses their minds is allowed to decay, destroying them forever. It does not have to be this way: the technology exists to plastinate and store the newly deceased, preserving the data of the mind until such time as medical technology can work a restoration. "The Open Letter on Brain Preservation seeks to raise awareness regarding the science, ethics and legality surrounding the emerging scientific process of chemical, whole-brain preservation. ... We, the undersigned, hereby publicly profess our human right to undergo a high-quality elective chemical brain preservation procedure immediately upon our physical death, and demand that such a procedure be made legal and accessible within the existing medical system in our countries of residence. We further demand that if medical evidence exists that an individual's brain is being substantially damaged by Alzheimer's, tumors, or other disease processes that elective brain preservation be available prior to that individual's natural death."



I am thankful that sites such as yours offer information on a subject so vital. Along with some other alternatives for extending live, we are being offered a chance to put our faith in science to bring us an opportunity to live beyond our biological death. For me, there is nothing more important in the world to pursue. Not politics, personal relations nor war. Anti aging and longevity are
programs we should all promote if we have a love of life.

Posted by: Jim Melichar at April 19th, 2012 2:53 PM
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