Third SENS Foundation Los Angeles Chapter Meeting

The Los Angeles chapter of SENS Foundation supporters will be holding a third meeting on October 2nd. I encourage you to attend if you're in the area and are interested in engineered human longevity.

On behalf of SENS Foundation I am thrilled to write to you to invite you to join Dr. Aubrey De Grey, Dr. Sarah Marr, Dr. L. Stephen Coles, and actor/director Edward James Olmos for our third SENS Foundation L.A. Chapter meeting to be held on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at the Westwood Brewing Company (1097 Glendon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024-2907) from 4 PM until 8 PM and to our "after party" downstairs from 8 PM and until we are done fixing the world!

We've put together a spectacular program for this third meeting beginning with a presentation by Dr. L. Stephen Coles (Director of the Gerontology Research Group and the Supercentenarian Research Foundation) who will give us an update on DNA Sequencing in Human Supercentenarians, starting at 5:00 PM. Following this, at around 6:30 PM, Aubrey (SENS Foundation Co-founder and CSO) and Sarah (SENS Foundation Co-founder and Executive VP) will talk about the Foundation's work and recent developments in the field, and Edward James Olmos will say a few words to our guests.

All of this again through an informal fun gathering with a full bar great for networking, mingling, socializing, and more.

The idea of these local gatherings is to create a local initiative to promote the Foundation's interests and mission by engaging a network of enthusiasts, field professionals, potential donors, sponsors, collaborators, students, etc. Also to promote educational efforts in the area, and to reach out to the Hollywood community and gain their support.

Please RSVP.

Hope to see you all there!

Maria Entraigues
SENSF Volunteer Coordinator
L.A. Chapter Coordinator

On a related topic, I notice that a date is set for the fifth SENS conference:

The fifth Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence conference (SENS5) will be held at Queens' College, Cambridge, UK from August 31st to September 3rd, 2011. The SENS conferences are a unique series of events which bring together scientists and laypeople interested in research leading to the application of regenerative medicine to the problem of ageing.

You'll find links to coverage of the last SENS conference back in the Fight Aging! archives.

There are also a great many videos of SENS4 conference presentations published on YouTube.


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