A Few Videos from the Recent Immortality Institute Conference

The Immortality Institute 2010 conference was held in Brussels this past weekend: a mix of life science researchers and advocates for greater research into engineered human longevity attended and gave presentations. From what I hear, the conference went well, with congratulations being due to the volunteers who organized it.

That was absolutely a great event, with some of the most cutting-edge scientists in the field, presenting new facts, some of them not published yet, that will certainly change the face of the world in the next years or decades. I felt that scientists were really touched by this young dynamic generation that understands their work and supports them, and we could feel that this bridge between generations as well as between researchers and amateurs is bringing a lot of cohesion into this movement for life extension.


It was a great event - a masterful achievement by the organizers. Thank you! I was happy to be part of it. Indeed, most inspiring was the young dynamic generation, devoted just as we are to making greatly extended lifespan a reality and enjoying superb health.

For those who couldn't make it, some video from the conference is online already:

Paul McGlothin on Calorie Restriction in Humans at ImmInst 2010 via Teleplace

Paul McGlothin is Vice President for Research and Director of the Calorie Restriction Society and co-author of "The CR Way".

Michael Rose on A New Immortalist Strategy at ImmInst 2010 via Teleplace

Prof. Dr. Michael Rose is one of the most eminent evolutionary biologists specialized in aging. He has written several books including "The long tomorrow". Prof. Rose is Chief Scientist at Genescient.

You'll also find some of the live video archived at Ustream.tv, but the quality is poor, as is usually the case with archived live feeds. There you'd most likely be better off waiting for the Institute volunteers to process and post higher quality conference video.

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