Norwegian Popular Press on Aubrey de Grey

The quality of automated translation for Norwegian is apparently lagging behind that of more widely used languages, but here is an earthy men's magazine piece on biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey: "There are trees that can live for 5,000 years, and there is evidence that some bacteria have survived for 25 million years. And a small freshwater creature, [called] hydra, does not seem to age at all. They can die [through accident or violence] but [if left alone] will most likely live forever. Old age - which [de Grey believes] is the worst humanitarian crisis of all time - will never kill it. Then it's different with us humans. 100,000 of us die of old [age] every day. ... We are experiencing something that is equivalent to 30 World Trade Centers [each] day, and nobody does a damn thing about it, says de Grey. ... de Grey's great a-ha experience came at four in the morning in June 2000. De Grey had twisted his head back and forth over the old age problem, and now he was jet-lagged in a hotel in Manhattan Beach in California and let the mind drift. Then it hit him: Instead of trying to understand the problem [of aging], it's easier just to fix it. ... de Grey took out pen and paper and wrote down everything in the body that need to be fixed to prevent physical and mental [degeneration]. Surprisingly enough, this list only on nine points, and today it is down to seven. And since then he has worked with a step-by-step treatment for old age, called Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence or SENS shortened. He has a dedicated laboratory with researchers who are under the supervising eyes of de Grey, and if it was not [for lack of funding] they believe [that] we will have eternal life [in a laboratory mouse] in a decade."


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