On the Work of Legendary Pharmaceuticals

From Accelerating Future: "Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting John Furber, an anti-aging scientist known as the founder of Legendary Pharmaceuticals. The company's homepage has an excellent introduction to the biology of aging and senescence, and a giant chart with over a hundred nodes and links describing the process of aging. (I got to see a large poster version, which really had an impressive visual effect.) Furber's analysis of the mechanisms of aging are interesting because it strongly parallels Aubrey de Grey's but with a slightly different emphasis and other things to say. Furber has an article out in the hot-off-the-press Springer compilation The Future of Aging 'Repairing Extracellular Aging and Glycation'." Furber is one of the few researchers presently interested in developing a way to break down glucosepane, the most common advanced glycation end-product that builds up with age in human tissue, damaging biochemistry and causing some fraction of the process of degenerative aging.

Link: http://www.acceleratingfuture.com/michael/blog/2010/10/john-d-furbers-comprehensive-aging-graph/

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