Fight Aging! Under DDOS / Spam Attack

If Fight Aging! seems slow, or has been down at times over the past few days, it is because the site is under a distributed denial of service attack. This appears to be at least partially due to automated comment spam scripts from a wide range of Asian locations, starting at the end of last week and a very large step up from the level of comment spam that Fight Aging! usually receives. It is possible that a foolish spammer simply issued an unintended command, or messed up the configuration file for their rented botnet rather than there being any malicious intent involved - it is not in a spammer's interest to take down the sites they are trying to infect with spam messages. While I would be delighted to see that longevity science and the future of human aging had become a contentious and high profile area of discussion, to the point at which partisans start attacking websites and other technical infrastructure, I don't think we're there yet. I am doing what I can to mitigate the ongoing attacks: over the past few days Fight Aging! has been moved to a new host, its software upgraded, and the whole system otherwise buffed. This was all accomplished in a comparatively short period of time, so please let me know if you see anything that is newly broken or otherwise gone awry.

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