Peter Thiel Encourages Radical Philanthropy

Investor Peter Thiel has put millions into rejuvenation biotechnology research, you might recall. Here he's calling for others to show the same foresight: "Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel worries that people aren't thinking big enough about the future. So he's convening an unusual philanthropic summit tonight at which he will introduce other wealthy tech figures to nonprofit groups exploring such futuristic - some might say 'far out' - ideas as artificial intelligence, the use of 'rejuvenation biotechnologies' to extend human life, and the creation of free-floating communities on the high seas. 'We're living in a world where people are incredibly biased toward the incremental,' said Thiel, explaining that he wants to challenge his peers to pursue more 'radical breakthroughs' in their philanthropy by supporting nonprofit exploration of technological innovations that carry at least the promise of major advances for the human condition. 'Obviously there are a lot of questions about the impact of these things,' he added. 'If you have radical life extension, that could obviously lead to repercussions for society. But I think that's a problem we want to have.' The list of expected attendees is closely guarded, but aides said it includes such figures as venture capitalist Pierluigi Zappacosta, a co-founder of Logitech, and Infoseek founder Steve Kirsch. ... Other presentations will be made by representatives from Humanity Plus, which promotes the idea that high-tech prosthetics and other scientific advancements can enhance human physical capabilities; the Foresight Institute, which focuses on the potential for medical and manufacturing advances through nanotechnology, or building things at the atomic level; and the SENS Foundation, which sponsors research into prolonging life by reversing the damage caused by normal aging."



Great news, I've been waiting for all the rich people to wake up and realize they aren't getting any younger!

Posted by: Will Nelson at December 7th, 2010 8:36 AM

Its good to think outside the box.
Its good to think big.

Posted by: Thomas McDonagh at December 16th, 2010 4:02 AM
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