Chronosphere, a New Cryonics Blog

The early posts at Chronosphere are well done and worth reading. The theme is a detailed and picture-strewn look at the history of cryonics, mixed in with considerations of our presently imperfect society and where it might be going next: "Chronosphere is your gateway to a fundamentally new way of living - in pursuit of physical immortality in a world of our own making - free from the tyranny of time, and the burden of injustice. Chronosphere will explore and create interfaces with the scientific, technological, social and moral resources needed to achieve these ends. Because we are all at risk of dying, cryonics will be a central focus of Chronosphere for the foreseeable future, but will be by no means be the only technology explored here. Interventive gerontology, with a strong emphasis on immediate, or very near term interventions to slow cognitive aging, will also be explored in detail. Join us on our quest to transcend the limits of time!"



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