Cryonics Magazine is Looking Good

The Cryonics magazine published by Alcor is looking very professionally done these days. If you head on over there, you'll find a good-looking website and crisp PDF downloads: "Cryonics magazine is the quarterly electronic publication of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Cryonics magazine is also available as a paper magazine by ordering individual copies at MagCloud or by ordering subscriptions to the paper edition from Alcor. The magazine website also publishes exclusive content and news items that are relevant to the science and practice of cryonics. ...The 2010 4th quarter issue of Cryonics covers the challenging and sensitive topic of persuading family members to make cryonics arrangements. Editor Aschwin de Wolf contributes an article about writing cryonics case reports and how to overcome the challenges that a growing cryonics organization presents for writing them. We continue our coverage of Alcor staff members with a feature on Alcor Finance Director Bonnie Magee. ... The 2010 3rd quarter issue of Cryonics publishes the first comprehensive Alcor Human Cryopreservation Protocol. This document covers all steps of cryonics procedures, from standby to long term care at liquid nitrogen temperatures. Robert Freitas summarizes his econometric analysis of Alcor finances and Alcor staff member and life extension historian Mike Perry is featured in this issue's member profile."



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