Photographs: Russian Cryonics, American Rejuvenation Biotechnology

Follow the links below for a little photography for an otherwise slow Tuesday:

My Visit to KrioRus - the First Cryonics Company in Europe and Asia

Yesterday I visited the facilities of the Russian cryonics company KrioRus, which are located just outside Moscow. That's the huge dewar flask where the cryopreserved bodies are stored. It's so big that one needs to climb up a ladder to peek through the steamy nitrogen. And in the picture below Alexei Turchin, a renowned futurologist and expert on global risks, and I are in front of the other dewar flask, now empty and waiting for the new cryo patients. Cryonics is an amazing opportunity to get a chance to find yourself in the future. I believe cryonics is the choice of truly smart people.

SENS Foundation 'Lab Warming'

One of the Foundation's achievements last year was our Research Center's moving to a larger laboratory space, in Mountain View, California. Earlier this month we held a small opening event. It gave us a chance to thank our Research Operations Manager, Tanya Jones, and her team, for all their work in yet-again increasing the capabilities of the Foundation to pursue its core research interests. Anyway ... I took some snapshots during the afternoon, and thought I'd share them.

KrioRus and the SENS Foundation are two amongst a wide range of modern ventures in longevity science - although very different in focus, both are just a few years old and spring from overlapping communities of supporters, most of whom have been involved in the space for a decade or two at most. The longevity advocacy and interest community has a much longer history, and has become generational in nature over time. The folk who were most active in the early 90s are largely not the folk who are most active now, and progress in the form of new initiatives and public interest tends to arrive in waves. This I see as a good thing: life is change, and all broad movements need the influx of new faces and new movers and shakers in order to progress.


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