Stem Cells Form New Skin Rapidly When Sprayed On

Here is an example of the way in which advances in delivery methodology can greatly improve an existing therapy: "Doctors have invented a revolutionary skin spray-gun that heals severe burns within days. The spray-gun which fires stem cells on to the damaged skin has already been used successfully on a dozen patients. Rather than sheets of skin being laboriously grown over a period of a month and applied to the patient, stem cells are harvested from a small patch of healthy skin, put into a solution and sprayed back on to the affected area. The process takes only 90 minutes [and] burns can heal in as little as four days. It eliminates a major flaw of existing burns treatment, the time taken to grow new layers of skin in the lab, during which time patients can die from infection. ... the process involved isolating stem cells from a healthy patch of the patient's skin, putting those cells in a water solution, and then spraying the mixture back on. After being sprayed, the patient's wound is covered with a special dressing that provides glucose, sugar, amino acids, antibiotics and electroytes to the treated area, to provide nutrition and clean the wound until the stem cells get established. ... For Matthew Uram, a police officer from Pennsylvania, the radical technical has already saved his skin. Last July he received severe burns to his face, neck, shoulder, arm and hand after someone threw a cup of petrol on to a bonfire at a party. His hand looked like a 'charred piece of meat', he said. Quickly taken to hospital, he was offered the chance to be one of the first patients to benefit from the skin gun. ... They did it on a Friday, and my follow up was that Monday and the burns unit said it was completely healed."



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