A Russian Open Letter on Aging

This is another project of the Science for Life Extension Foundation, here translated by Google's automated tools: "All of us [are] waiting in front of old age. And along with it - illness, sickness and loneliness. [We all] fear old age. But do not do anything to delay its onset. Meanwhile, there is hope for the extension of active life and [slowing of] aging. Hope this gives the results of research being conducted in many countries around the world. In Russia the problem of aging [is that no-one cares to do anything about it] - neither society nor the researchers nor the state. The purpose of this letter [is] to get people to think about the need for scientific methods to combat aging. By signing it, you'll make a small step to solving this global problem. ... Aging [is] the main issue in the lives of everyone. Aging reduces the protective functions of the organism and its ability to resist disease, inevitably leading to death. The main causes of mortality of Russians - cardiovascular diseases and cancer - are age-related diseases. In our country the death rate exceeds the birth rate of 250,000 people annually. And for a state extension of active life should be problem number 1. To solve this problem [funding] should be prioritized in favor of scientific research of the mechanisms of aging and the search for effective methods of radical life extension."

Link: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www.stopageing.ru/


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