Calorie Restriction and Core Body Temperature in Humans

Another of the observed effects of calorie restriction in lower animals is shown to exist in humans as well: "Reduction of body temperature has been proposed to contribute to the increased lifespan in calorie restricted animals and mice overexpressing the uncoupling protein-2 in hypocretin neurons. However, nothing is known regarding the long-term effects of calorie restriction (CR) with adequate nutrition on body temperature in humans. In this study, 24-hour core body temperature was measured every minute by using ingested telemetric capsules in 24 men and women consuming a CR diet for an average of 6 years, 24 age- and sex-matched sedentary (WD) and 24 body fat-matched exercise-trained (EX) volunteers, who were eating Western diets. ... Mean 24-hour, day-time and night-time core body temperatures were all significantly lower in the CR group than in the WD and EX groups ... Long-term CR with adequate nutrition in lean and weight-stable healthy humans is associated with a sustained reduction in core body temperature, similar to that found in CR rodents and monkeys. This adaptation is likely due to CR itself, rather than to leanness, and may be involved in slowing the rate of aging."



The following excerpt from this paper -

"the reduced core body temperature in the CR group is associated with lower circulating levels triiodothyronine, insulin, leptin and total testosterone, which are key nutrient-sensing metabolic/anabolic hormones"

- makes me wonder what would occur if some of these hormones were administered to the CR animals and restored to normal levels.
Would longevity, metabolic rate or temperature effects of CR be maintained?

Posted by: Lou Pagnucco at April 15th, 2011 9:45 AM

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