SENS Foundation is Hiring for the LysoSENS Project

LysoSENS is the SENS Foundation initiative to build a platform for medical bioremediation capable of breaking down the damaging byproducts of metabolism that build up in old cells and degrade their ability to recycle garbage. The short of is that we know that out there somewhere are bacteria that can eat these compounds, such as the lipofuscin that contributes to many age-related conditions. There is no buildup of prominent components of lipofuscin in graveyards, for example - so something is consuming it. That bacterial something will be armed with enzymes, biological knifes and saws that might be turned into a therapy to destroy lipofuscin if identified and introduced into the human body.

You might recall that the early LysoSENS volunteers ran a contest for soil samples from obscure locations back in 2006, the better to get a good mix of bacterial origins for analysis.

The search for bacterial enzymes that can safely attack lipofuscin in the body presently gets the lion's share of research funding at the SENS Foundation, and, appropriately, they are hiring in the Bay Area, California:

SENS Foundation is hiring for our research center located in Mountain View, CA. We are seeking a team lead for our LysoSENS project, which contains both intra- and extramural components.

Qualified candidates will have an MS, or Ph.D. in the chemical/biological sciences and at least 5 years of work experience that must include prior project management experience. Duties will include the preparation of grant proposals, internal and external progress reports, individual and collaborative publication. The project lead will develop, interpret and implement standards, procedures, and protocols for the LysoSENS research program and may collaborate on determining strategic directions in the research program. Candidates must have a proven ability to lead other professionals.

Seems like the community has come a long way from the turn of the century, doesn't it? Raising enough money for formal hires is always a big organizational milestone, and congratulations are due to the SENS Foundation staff and volunteers who have worked hard to get to this point.


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