Alcor Video Library Updated

From Alcor News: "The Alcor Video Library has recently added new material. It now includes a short Video Tour of Alcor Facility and five complete presentations from the 2006 Alcor Conference. The video quality has also been significantly upgraded. ... The Limitless Future (28-minutes). Alcor documentary video (2005). Discover how leading-edge science at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation is getting closer to making the dream of a vastly extended lifespan come true and how our notion of "death" is shifting. Includes interviews with world-renowned scientists including Dr. Aubrey de Grey, [explaining] how life can be cryopreserved on the verge of death and then revitalized, giving us a second chance at a long and productive life, and Dr. Ralph Merkle, Distinguished Professor of Computing at Georgia Tech, exploring how molecular-sized machines will be able to repair damage to your body from aging or the devastating effects of cancer and other illnesses, including frostbite." You might also take a look at some of the other videos linked in the post, such as a presentation on the economics of longevity: "In this talk, Dr. Friedman shares his insights into the many potential consequences of an extended lifespan. He asks provocative questions about the future of the family unit, a typical career path, and the economic outlook for society as a whole."



As a true believer in Antiaging therapies and after 20 years experience as cardiologist and clinical researcher I finished Antiaging & Functional Medicine also completed the board certification by the A4M. Looking further to age management and genomic medicine, I am completely in agreement with statements presented in these talks !!

Posted by: Jose Vazquez-Tanus MD at May 26th, 2011 10:24 AM

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