SENS Foundation Year End Report for 2010 Now Available

Following on from the release of their 2010 research report, the SENS Foundation folk have issued their 2010 year-end report. Just as for the earlier research report, it is an interesting and closer look at the finances and research activities of the organization - one of the very few groups in the world whose leaders have the right idea when it comes to aging, longevity, and biotechnology.

In 2009 we launched SENS Foundation. We did it to drive biomedical research towards a functional and cost-effective approach to extending individual health. We did it to raise awareness for an alternative to an increasingly complex and problematic pathology chase in medicine; to redefine regenerative medicine as applied to aging; to enable doctors to think about fixing patients before they were sick.

We did it to transform the way you think about medicine. We knew it was a big agenda when we set out, and we were fully conscious of how small a public charity we were. We recognized that our first successful steps would depend upon our demonstration of fundamental credibility to the medical science community.

That is why I am especially pleased to present this 2010 end of year report. As you will read, we have created a mature organization and delivered the networks and collaborations needed to build the rejuvenation biotechnology field. We've expanded our own research programs and have used that expansion to develop collaborations with leading universities and research institutions in regenerative medicine, around the nation and the world. We have, in short, found our voice with a substantial and mainstream scientific community. Rejuvenation biotechnology, as a research field, is emerging, and SENS Foundation has led that charge.

If you like what you see, then help the Foundation achieve its mission. Donate, tell your friends, and write about what might be achieved soon through advanced biotechnology if there were just the will and the funding to do it. Bootstrapping a new industry and new view of medicine is a slow process, but every helping hand makes it faster.

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