Transhumanism Starts With Health

Transhumanism is in many ways the urge to self-improvement taken to its logical conclusion - that in addition to improving in ways that are presently possible, we should carry out the foundational work in technology that creates new ways for us to improve ourselves. So it all starts with simple, available tools to improve health, per this post at Sentient Developments: "there are a number of things we can do to extend our capacities and optimize our health in a way that's consistent with transhumanist ideals - even if it doesn't appear to be technologically sophisticated. While the effects of these interventions are admittedly low impact from a future-relativistic perspective, the quest for bodily and cognitive enhancement is part of the broader transhumanist aesthetic which places an emphasis on maximal performance, high quality of life, and longevity. ... Sure, part of being a transhumanist involves the bringing about of a radical future, including scientific research and cheerleading. But it's also a lifestyle choice; transhumanists actively strive to exceed their body's nascent capacities, or, at the very least, work to bring about its full potential. In addition to building a radical future, a transhumanist is someone who will, at any time in history, use the tools and techniques around them to maximize their biological well-being." Which is a slightly different take on the utilitarian considerations of keeping in shape so as to have the best chance of living into the era of rejuvenation biotechnology - with the pace of technology, a few years may matter. The decade or more of change you can exert on your life expectancy via lifestyle choices may make the difference between missing the boat or living a life of centuries. Or longer.



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