Exploring IFG-1 and Longevity

Some work here on IFG-1, not to be confused with IGF-1, which is also of interest in longevity: "When researchers at the Buck Institute dialed back activity of a specific mRNA translation factor in adult nematode worms they saw an unexpected genome-wide response that effectively increased activity in specific stress response genes that could help explain why the worms lived 40 percent longer under this condition. ... Scientists have identified a number of so-called 'longevity' genes active in many species. However, the mechanisms by which those genes impact lifespan remain poorly understood. ... the majority of research involving those genes has focused on transcription, the first level of cellular activity whereby DNA produces RNA. This research focuses on translation, whereby RNA specifies the production of proteins. ... [Researchers] inhibited expression of the mRNA translation factor, IFG-1, in adult worms. IFG-1 is important for growth and development ... "Turning down ifg-1 expression flips a switch that turned down growth and reproduction, but increased their healthspan as well as their lifespan. ... Our primary interest is to understand the biological basis of aging. This will help identify molecular targets that can be used to develop therapeutics that would slow age-related diseases and extend the healthy years of life."

Link: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/07/110705123340.htm


What I want to know is if the reason why men tend to live a few years less may be because of the costs associated with being bigger. This gene is involved in growth and development, so their is a correlation.

I originally thought you were talking about IGF-1, but nope!

Posted by: Matthew at July 7th, 2011 8:30 AM
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