Maria Konovalenko Presents at Singularity University

Longevity science advocate Maria Konovalenko recently presented at Singularity University; you'll find a link to the presentation materials in the post: "Last week I gave a talk at the Singularity University about how we can extend life. Those who have never heard about the Singularity University, should definitely check out what the SU is all about. I talked about the current records in life extension achieved in model animals, overviewed the main scientific approaches to fighting aging and looked at why activation of stress resistance genes may be a very good idea for extending our longevity. I wrapped up by noting the potential profitable business side of life extension, which is creation of geroprotective drugs. You can find the presentation "The Best Strategy for 5,000,000,000 people" here. ... A couple of pictures from the place where great ideas and poeple are mixed together with the common goal of transforming the humanity. Although, it's such a pity that life extension doen't get much attention." It is true the Singularity University crowd are less focused on radical life extension than on other transhumanist topics such as molecular manufacturing and strong AI.


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